Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Man Like Me - Always Find Me In the Kitchen at Parties

Crossing over my two big loves, music and advertising is this track and video. It's brilliant, really really brilliant. However the main question for me is how on earth did I never hear the original before? Any song with the word Rebuffed in the lyrics deserves praise.

The original is awesome, this cover manages to find sounds and production that makes it feel exactly of the same mould but just loud enough to feel modern.

This makes me want a party in my kitchen just so I can play this and dance upside down Lionel Richie style.


Stan Lee said...

Pity you never heard the original Rob, because if you did you'd know that those young hipsters have added nothing to the original. Which is surely the criteria against which great cover versions are measured?

Rob Mortimer said...

Hi Stan!

I have now heard the original, which is excellent. I agree that normally a cover should add something to the original, though in this case I'd argue that by making it sound bigger it adds to the original, which suffers from a bit of 80's thinness.