Monday, November 22, 2010

The Human League - Night People

I love The Human League. I'm not embarrassed to say Dare is one of my favourite albums ever. But even hardened Human League fans would be hard pressed to name a good track from them since about 1993. I am very very happy to say the wait is over. The only sadness is that it could have been even better(it takes a while to get going), but hopefully remixes will explore that.

But as a Human League track it's probably the best thing they have out in nearly two decades. Catchy and full of rythmn, and avoiding the blandness that plagues their later work. Welcome back Mr Oakey.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

*sigh* more wishful thinking.
Another chance passes them by and they only have themselves to blame.
This is another dud track wanting so desperately to be something else.
Just because it's the better than anything they've done since 1993 doesn't make it a great song it just means it's better than anything they've done since 1993 which let's face it isn't hard.