Friday, August 17, 2007

..King ell...

So. 30 years since 'the king' died.
Yet oddly, yesterday was a day that suddenly made me realise just how much the exaggerated perceptions of Elvis and his hardcore of crazy fans have prevented me ever giving his music a fair chance.

At the My Brain Hurts ad meeting last night they played a whole CD of early Elvis, and I really enjoyed it. It struck me how I have always so put off from ever listening to him just by the associations that would bring. All those obsessives and "Elvis is the best thing ever" messages force fed to us all the time completely removed any joy I would have found in listening to him.

Its like being told George W Bush likes your favourite band. You just can't stomach it.

Yet when his music was there, unaccompanied by impersonators or cries of "THE KING!", or "Best song ever"; it still stood up on
its own merits. Which, in a way is the best compliment you could pay to music over 40 years old.

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